Perfectly timed phone call made it all possible 

‘I lucked out big time,’ says Jordan Brooks, who is now settling into his ideal home in the West End


Jordan Brooks had found the perfect home – but like so many first-time, prospective homebuyers, his fair offer was not accepted. His dream house was out of grasp, or so he thought.


“It was definitely the one that I wanted,” Jordan says. “It was the nicest house Mark and I had taken a look at over the course of a month.” 


Committed to moving out of his apartment late last year, Jordan was determined to find his first home. With realtor Mark Cipolletti leading the way, they eventually found another property across town in Richmond’s East End. He was ready to give closing a deal another try. He signed an offer, which Mark quickly prepared to send to the listing agent.


Call it luck or fate – that’s the exact moment when an unexpected phone call intervened.


“I literally had my finger on the return key of the keyboard to hit the send button,” Mark recalls.


On the other end was the agent from the first home, who wanted to know if Jordan was still interested. The deal with the now-former buyer had fallen through, and Jordan’s offer had been next in line.  With urgent news to share, Mark hung up and immediately called Jordan.


“Mark said ‘Hey, Jordan, curveball here, you have a quick chance to put another offer in on that home,’” Jordan recalls. “I didn’t hesitate.”


From there, things kicked into overdrive. The listing agent gave Jordan a chance to submit an offer before putting the home back on the market. Turns out, the new opportunity was not just a chance to put a new offer on the table.  


“I put in an offer that was thousands less than I originally had, and it was quickly accepted,” Jordan says.


It was a night Jordan and Mark won’t soon forget. It was made even sweeter as a family affair. Jordan is not only a client, but he’s also Mark’s nephew.


“I often hear clients say that we treat everyone like family. Well, we also treat family like family! I was thrilled when my nephew Jordan reached out to help find his first home,” Mark says.


As another fortuitous turn in this unexpected story, Jordan was able to save hundreds of dollars on a home inspection. The former buyer had already conducted one. That gave Jordan all the details – and the peace of mind – needed as he moved into his West End home around Thanksgiving. 


With a DIY bathroom remodel complete, Jordan is looking forward to his next home project just in time for spring.


“I did a fire pit, and now I am going to put some pavers around it to create an outdoor hangout space since the weather is finally getting nice,” he says.


He finally has a moment to reflect on his unusual home buying journey, describing it as something you don’t often hear nowadays from first-time buyers in today’s market – enjoyable.


“It was actually really fun,” Jordan says.